Clay Target Sports Instruction for Residents Throughout Tampa & All Surrounding FL Communities

Clay target sports, such as trap, skeet, and, most notably, sporting clays, are the fastest growing type of recreational sport in the United States. It seems that more and more sporting clays courses are popping up, and people are spending their free time with shotguns pointed skyward in attempt to break clay pigeons. At Florida Sporting Clays, we understand how popular shooting sports are becoming, and we’re here to help novice and experienced shooters alike better their shotgunning skills through formal instruction.

Clay Target Sports Tampa FLFor clay target sports instruction, Florida Sporting Clays teaches the Coordinated Shooting Method’s Teach Recreational and Competition Shooting (CSM/TRACS) program. This innovative approach to shotgunning instruction is taking the country by storm and quickly gaining a reputation for being a better way to improve shooting skills. CSM/TRACS involves:

  • Teaching a method, rather than a technique, allowing for swing through, pull away, and sustained lead shooters alike to improve their game
  • Teaching students to recognize where they missed on a target and why they missed it, allowing for simple correction in the future without the constant need for further instruction
  • Remaining focused on the student learning instead of the teacher teaching
  • Teaching shotgunning skills in a fun, adaptive, creative manner

For more information about how Florida Sporting Clays can help you take your game to the next level and help you to bust more clays on the course, please contact us today to inquire about instructor availability. We proudly offer lessons at a variety of shooting ranges and clay target sports courses throughout Tampa and surrounding FL communities.