Sporting Clay Shooting Instruction Provided for Residents of Tampa & Other Nearby Areas in FL

Are you searching for a sporting clay shooting instructor in Tampa, Florida, or any nearby area? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Florida Sporting Clays, teaching shotgunning skills for sporting clays, and other recreational and competition shotgunning sports, is our passion. We take great pride in helping individuals who can’t seem to break certain clays turn that frustration into delight after seeing the pieces of clay scatter in the sky. So, whether you’re trying to break into the 90s on the course or you’re just getting your feet wet in the sporting clays world, we’ll be here to help you bust more clays.Sporting Clay Shooting Tampa FL

We’re proud to teach sporting clay shooting from the Coordinated Shooting Method Teaching Recreational and Competition Shooting program, which was developed by legendary shooter John Higgins. Unlike traditional shooting lessons, this unique shooting program focuses on:

  • Teaching a shooting method rather than a shooting technique, such as swing through, sustained lead, and pull away
  • Quickly identifying why, where, and how targets were missed, allowing for simple self-correction that will last well after the lesson concludes
  • The student learning, as opposed to the teacher teaching
  • Having fun and maintaining a positive attitude toward the game

If you’d like to learn more about seeking out sporting clay shooting lessons from Florida Sporting Clays in the Tampa, FL, area, please contact us today to inquire about instructor availability. We’ll happily help you take your sporting clays game to the next level and help you have for fun doing it.