Shooting Clays Instruction for Residents of Tampa & Surrounding FL Communities

Shooting Clays Tampa FLDo you want to improve your shooting clays skills and start breaking more clays out on the range or course? If so, allow Florida Sporting Clays to give your shotgunning game the boost it needs. Our team, led by sporting clays enthusiast and professional instructor John Gangemi, will work side-by-side with you to teach you a better way to shoot and help you to start dropping more clay pigeons from the sky.

Traditionally, shooting clays instruction has focused on one of the predominant shotgunning techniques – swing through, pull away, and sustained lead. However, when you turn to Florida Sporting Clays to up your shotgunning skills, we won’t focus specifically on any one technique, but rather on an innovative shooting method that has recently earned much acclaim by shooting enthusiasts throughout the United States. This shooting method is called the Coordinated Shooting Method Teaching Recreational and Competition Shooting program (CSM/TRACS) and was developed by legendary shooting instructor John Higgins. CSM/TRACS focuses on:

  • Teaching a clays shooting method rather than a technique, allowing shooters of all kinds to better their games with ease
  • Allowing shooters to quickly notice their mistakes on misses and easily correct them
  • The student learning, rather than the instructor teaching
  • Being fun, flexible, adaptive, and creative

If you’d like to take your shotgunning skills to the next level and start shooting more clays when on the course or just in recreational target shooting, please contact us today to inquire about instructor availability. We’re pleased to provide shotgunning instruction at a number of different sporting clays courses and outdoor shooting ranges throughout Tampa and other surrounding areas.